About Us

The Awoken Women Wiccan and Occult Store, started when the local spiritual shop closed, after the death of its owner. The remaining inventory, rich with handcrafted, Wiccan, Pagan and Occult pieces, and wonderful clothing, jewelry, and trinkets sat at the store front for years.  When the place that I got my first Athame and Crystal Ball was rented to a new individual, he was just going to trash most of the inventory, and put the more valuable items in storage, until he had time to try to sell it off on Ebay.

The kind-hearted man who offered to sell the entire inventory for only a few thousand dollars, so my friends and I pooled our money together.  He accepted the amount of money we could gather, and we started selling the items online. 

The business has grown and has become one of the top Wiccan, Pagan and Occult shops, serving North America and Europe.  We have continued in the spirit of providing handcrafted Athames and Daggers to our customers, as well as other items that we hope will help find, explore, and express themselves.

It's been a pleasure for all of us at Awoken Women to serve our customer with Occult and Wiccan supplies, and investing our time and money into something we love.

We love our customers and appreciate their business.  We hope to continue to serve those involved in Wiccan or other Occult culture and life style for years to come.

We thank those who have  supported us through our expansion, and are happy to help those who are new to Wicca get started; as well as help others improve or expand their collection.

So, on behalf of the entire Awoken Women Team, thank you, again, to everyone immersed or intersted in Wicca, Pagan and Occult practice, and study.  You've helped keep the community vibrant and flourishing for centuries.